Buzzing, literally.

I am so excited to share an update on a project I have been working on.
As well as my novels and short stories, I have been crafting an educational series of books for younger children.

The series is called ‘Beautiful Garden’, a collection of fun factual books about the incredible diversity in our gardens, parks, woods and countrysides. Books about different birds, insects, wildlife, seasons and flowers to help bring to life the magic of nature.

The first series to be released will be The Bird series, with my first book already on an illustrator’s desk to help bring the magic to life. So exciting (interview with an illustrator coming soon)! But why am I doing this? Well, I have a huge passion for nature and actively encourage it into my very own garden.

There is so much we can do in the tiniest of areas that would positively impact wildlife. I believe the first step is to understand, or at least take the time to understand nature and how it helps you and everyone you know directly. Knowing a tree allows you to breathe or that bees pollinate over sixty per cent of our crops so we can eat should blow your mind. But it should also make you realise that we need nature. We need plants, insects and birds. We need to understand. And, with a bit of knowledge, you will start to see there is always something magical happening in nature.

Introducing children to this magic as early as possible and giving them as much exposure is vital in the hopes to keep a healthy balance with our ever-dwindling natural world. And where better to start than our own back gardens, windows or tiny patios. So if reading one of the books in my series makes someone want to feed a bird, plant something in a pot or stick a bulb into the ground…then that can not be a bad thing at all, can it?

And as always, thanks for reading.

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