Working Titles

Titles which are currently in the making, or should I say, in the writing.

The Wand of Neverfail Series

Heroic Fantasy Adventure

Winston, a wannabe-wizard who is awful at magic, was just about to give up his dream until an adventure calls.

Status: With BETA Readers

Deep in Winter

Murder mystery / Investigator

When a detective comes home to see his family murdered his life goal is to seek revenge. But will his mental state allow him to succeed?

Coming soon!

Magical Misdeeds and Shenanigans.

Children’s Rhyming Book

Melvin, the naughty wizard, is casting horrible spells and no one can stop him, can they?

Coming soon!

The Family Tree

Children’s Rhyming Book

A tree sadly stands alone wondering why no other tree from the forest is growing near him, until something nesting within its branches pops out to say hello.

Coming Soon


Children’s Rhyming Book

A boy discovers a magical rock but is presented with two choices and he must make one.

Coming soon!



The Idleheart’s are family with a complicated bloodline, chosen to defend the human race from the harvest. However, their bloodline is running low.

Work in progress

Wiggles and the Moon Weasels

Children’s Story Book Series

A boy named Wiggles finds himself building a rocket out of cardboard which takes him to the moon. Find out what he discovers before flying back home for tea.

Work in Progress

Digby and Yates

Humorous Detective Series

Digby and Yates are a comical pair of detectives solving crimes with a humorous twist.

Work in progress

Beautiful Garden

Children’s fun fact series

A series of education and fun books about nature. Facts about birds, animals, seasons and plants all visible in our very own back gardens and parks.

Work in progress

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